Create Beautiful Web Pages

Create beautiful web pages using various templates at your disposal. No design skills required!

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Maintain your Blog

Write posts on topics you have expertise on using markdown. Again, no need to bother about the design. There is plenty to choose from.

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Find and Host Images

Add images from sources like Pexels, Unsplash, Giphy and more. Manage image attributions centrally and create as many sizes as you like without downloading the image ever to your laptop.

Host Your Files

Have a portfolio, resume, service catalogue or anything that you would want to easily share online? Host it with us.

Powerful Emailing Solution

Powerful Emailing Solution

We provide you a really intuitive email builder interface along with many beautifully crafted email templates. All you need to do is, add content!

Send Mails (without any server setup)


Upload bulk data or use our super easy interface to maintain contacts. Your contact lists allow you to organise contacts, like your subscribers, customers, or your colleagues! Plus, these contact lists help you generate forms which you can host anywhere.


For your transient requirements, you can easily group and filter data to send beautifully crafted emails to your filtered contacts... or audience!

Create Audience from Contacts (zero tools required)

Stay Organised

Create different kinds of projects to group related content. Choose between a Website, Documentation, Internal Communication, Portfolio, Blog, and a lot more...

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Focus on Content, not Servers

Let's put it this way... managing servers is not fun! That's why we focus on features that will make your authoring experience fun. You will not only get rid of servers, but also the nagging issues that typically start occurring as you grow. Our solution will ensure that you will never ever have to think about downtimes!

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