How to send beautiful emails with your Gmail account

Sending an email with Gmail or any other client is a no-brainer. However, sending beautiful emails is not! Most email providers do not provide an interface for you which lets you send really beautiful emails. With BakeMyWeb and Gmail combo, you can get the best of both worlds. Your outgoing mails for special occasions can be made beautiful in very easy steps. Why send the boring mails, when you can wow them!


Learn step by step about how would go about it.

Gmail configuration

You need to have a valid Gmail account. Login to your Gmail account and enable IMAP so that you are able to use SMTP service of Gmail without hosting your own SMTP servers.

  • Goto Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP > Click on Enable IMAP and save the changes.


Now, you will need to enable 2-Factor Authentication in your account. This is an extremely important step.

  • Click on Manage my Account > Security page. On the Security page, scroll down until you find Signing in to Google section. Click on 2-Step Verification and get started with your extra layer of security. Unless you enable 2-step verification, you won't be able to use your Gmail account's SMTP information on BakeMyWeb.


  • Click on App Passwords (just below 2-Step Verification option) and select Other option.
  • Name the app (ex. For BakeMyWeb) and click on GENERATE button.

Generate App Password for Gmail

  • Once the password is generated, make a note of the new password for further usage and click on DONE.

Over to BakeMyWeb

Once your Gmail account is configured, login to BakeMyWeb, and navigate to Project > Settings > Verified Emails.

  • Click on the Verify button.
  • Enter your name.
  • Enter your Gmail id in Email field.
  • Select Gmail in Service Provider.
  • Host & Port will be prefilled for you, and should work as is.
  • Username field will be disabled and contain your email id which is same as what you filled before.
  • Password field should contain the App Password that you collected earlier.
  • Click on the Start Verification button.

verify a new email

  • If you have done everything correctly so far, you will be presented a dialog to enter your One Time Password.
Behind the scenes, we try to send an email using your Gmail's SMTP server to the email address you have registered. So, you need to check your inbox and find the OTP we sent. If you are not getting the OTP, it would mean that the configuration is incorrect. Either you missed out on 2-step verification or the App-Password you entered is incorrect. Ensure that there is no trailing or leading space in the password and try again.

verify OTP

  • Please check your email for the code and provide it here.

verification email

You should now see a screen similar to the following:

verified successfully

In the State column, if you see a ✅ it means, everything is alright and you are all set to send your email.

Phew! The hard part is over. Let's get to the fun part: Sending the email.

Send your first email with BakeMyWeb

  • Navigate to Your Project > Connect > Send Email.
  • Click on Add button.
  • Select one of the templates.

choose template

  • Provide a Campaign Name in the right configuration panel.
  • Click Save & Proceed button at the bottom.
  • Click on the Send button. Choose your verified email id in the From field.
  • Select Direct so it allows you to send an email directly to a set of recipients. Soon, you will learn how to send a personalised email with variables to a set of contacts just as quickly.
  • Provide a valid email (or multiple emails separated by commas).

send email

  • Click on the Send button and wait a few seconds! Your swanky little email would have arrived. Check your email and confirm you have received it.
  • If you are curious to know what is happening behind the scenes, you can click on the Tasks menu and view the details of the process.

task progress

Stay tuned, and you will learn all about the various features.

Do keep in mind that Google has sending limits and you should be careful about it.

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